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Diversity and Inclusion Conference: Destination Financial Wellness

Did you miss this year’s conference? Listen in to learn how to effectively navigate your journey to financial wellness. Our keynote speaker is Dennis Kimbro a motivational speaker and the author of the bestselling Think and Grow Rich, Daily Motivations for African American Success, and What Makes the Great Great. He has appeared on television shows including Today and CNN’s Larry King Live, and in publications including Success, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and USA Today. He is listed in Who’s Who in Black America; a recipient of the Dale Carnegie Achievement Award; and a past Director of the Center of Entrepreneurship at Clark Atlanta University. We will also have a panel discussion with esteemed financial professionals from a variety of backgrounds.


  • Victory Terry, State Farm

  • Marlon Hall, Association for Wholesaling Diversity

  • Monique Winston, Cleveland Realist Association

  • Philip J. Robinson II, Edward Jones

  • Vassie Scott, The Scott Group, Inc.

  • Pat Ramsey, 5/3rd Bank

Sponsored by: StateFarm

It Still Matters: Fair Housing Conference

The Lorain County Urban League’s virtual celebration of the 53rd anniversary of the Fair Housing Act. Fair Housing is a complicated issue and there are many forms of discrimination and expanding regulations. It is important to understand how to better advocate for those in need of representation. This Conference will help attendees gain a better understanding of the challenges ahead and learn how to address them. Co-moderated by our Urban League President and CEO, Parris M. Smith and our Director of Outreach and Civic Engagement, Dee Baker.

The College Experience: Stories of College Life

With COVID-19 making it nearly impossible for prospective incoming college students to visit the college or university they may be interested in, in person, the Urban League has brought colleges to them! During our virtual college tour, our high school students wanted to hear more insight from current college students and we listened. In this college panel, you will hear from college students who attend HBCU's, public/state, and private institutions. Our panelist will discuss what the culture and campus life is like at their College or University, while also sharing what some of their favorite moments in college have been so far. This panel is moderated by prior Urban League students, Octavia Whitfield and Durasia Anderson.

Bridging The Health Gap: The Silent Link

OUHCOM Student Doctor’s discuss the silent link between the health of the black community and obesity.

The more we know the better our communities are.

Hosted by: Chynna D. Smith, OMS-IV

Moderated by: Joselyn S. Hines, OMS-II

Diversity and Inclusion Conference, Bridging the Heath Gap

The title says it all! We share finding of the 2020 State of Black America® report which lays bare how systemic racism worsens already vulnerable health outcomes for our black communities. This edition matches the moment for introspection and unmasks deep rooted inequities through the lens of the #COVID19 pandemic. With the support of the Nord Family Foundation, Health Policy Institute of Ohio (HPIO) presents specific data for the state of Ohio in the first session. Amy Rohling McGee and Reem Aly, President and Vice President of HPIO, presents data and research evidence that shows racism as a crisis with profound and pervasive impacts across healthcare, education, housing, food, economics, criminal justice, and political systems. Our second session is a panel discussion with esteemed community members moderated by long time Urban Leaguer Student Doctor Chynna D. Smith, OMS-IV.

Please read and view these resources:

2020 State of Black America UNMASKED

Connections between Racism and Health: Taking Action to Eliminate Racism and Advance Equity

COVID-19 Ohio Minority Health Strike Force Blueprint

Ohio’s Executive Response: A Plan of Action to Advance Equity

Ring the Alarm: The Crisis of Black Youth Suicide in America REPORT

The Urban League and  God’s Kingdom  in Lorain have joined the MHARS Board’s call to bring awareness to a growing concern: the rising rate of death by suicide among Black youth. We ask everyone to learn about the recent work of the Congressional Black Caucus to bring attention to this issue.

Please read and view these resources:

Ring the Alarm: The Crisis of Black Youth Suicide in America | Report to Congress from the Congressional Black Caucus

Responding to the Alarm: Addressing Black Youth Suicide webinar

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